About Us


Mission, Vision and Values

The mission of Historic Pataskala Town Hall Inc. is to renovate and restore the Sterling Theater as the place the community gathers to revisit their past and to promote future cultural, educational and entertainment experiences.

We envision:

  • Diverse experiences appealing to a broad range of interests so that all will feel at home in the Sterling Theater.
  • Exciting, innovative and unique experiences consistent with the integrity and historical heritage of Sterling Theater, within the capacity of our venue and organization.
  • The Sterling Theater programs and facility being accessible to area residents.
  • A restored and well-maintained theater that is an attractive rental option for both private and public events.
  • Welcoming members of the community as audience members and active participants in furthering the mission and vision of Historic Pataskala Town Hall, Inc.

We value:

  • The Sterling Theater’s place in Pataskala history.
  • The architectural significance of the historic Pataskala Town Hall.
  • The Sterling Theater’s importance, past and present, as a community gathering place.
  • Historic Pataskala Town Hall, Inc.’s cooperative relationship with the City of Pataskala.
  • The diversity within our community.