Theater Specifications

The Sterling Theater

Technical Specifications

Note: The Sterling Theater is on the second floor of the Pataskala Town Hall. There is no elevator or chair lift. Access is via staircase.

There are no restrooms on site.

Those renting the theater should be prepared to bring their own cleaning supplies and remove all trash from the premises.

There is to be no food or drink (with the exception of bottled water) in the theater. See rental agreement for possible exceptions.

Please understand The Sterling Theater is property of the City of Pataskala, and while every effort will be made to avoid conflicts, the City reserves the right to preempt any event.

Parking –On street. United Methodist Church and West Licking Fire Department lot with permission. NOTE: Advise HPTH, Inc. if permission to park in these areas is desired.

Also NOTE: Parking on the property is strictly reserved for the Police Department and offenders can and will be ticketed and towed by the City of Pataskala.

Seating Capacity – 300 amended seating capacity

See stage schematic for:

Proscenium opening, Stage size, Wings stage left and right

The fly space/rigging is not available.

There is an act curtain, legs and upstage curtain.

There are no dressing rooms.

There is no theatrical lighting, only architectural lighting.

Piano and organ are available for use.

The sound system consists of:

Crown XTI amplifier

Shure 8 channel mixing board

Shure DFR22 programmable digital signal processor for EQ (treble and bass)

Microphones – Two (2) wired (50 foot cord) Shure SM58 hand held microphones with straight stands.

Speakers – Two wall-mounted EV SX100+ white two way 12” high output speakers with 275 watts per channel

Power consists of a dedicated 100 amp subpanel for the entire theater level that is located in the stairwell.  There is a 20 amp dedicated outlet with 4 sockets on each side of the stage side walls, low and on the back side of the door openings. In other words, we have 2 20-amp outlets on the stage.

 Audio visual

 Eiki WXB42 3800 Luem, wide screen HD capable projector mounted on the ceiling

 HD 15 VGA laptop computer wall plate with audio, one (1) Extron 25 foot laptop to wall palate connection

The equipment cabinet is equipped with one (1) Panasonic DMK Blu-Ray DVD player.

DaLite C-CSR 12 screen – 12’ x 12’